“First there is the love of the child. Second, the love of teaching the child. And third, the love of the music being taught to the child. But the child always comes first.” Dr. Suzuki

What Do Parents Say?

We can't thank you enough. The girls RAVED about the group lesson. [Our younger daughter] said, "Mom, I gave 10 gifts to the group tonight!" I'm not sure if she meant that she actually played 10 times or not, but what she said next amazed me. "Mom, it didn't bother me at all. I wasn't scared. I actually looked forward to it. I had fun." What a transformation from a girl, who 8 weeks ago, cried at the thought of playing in front of the group. Success!!! Watching their little faces in the video is priceless. It is clear your piano school is just that - a professional school experience. Not just "piano lessons." [You give them a] well-rounded training in not only music, but also in how to perform, self-image, and introductory public speaking skills. Your teaching techniques encourage and require critical thinking, and that goes well beyond other piano lessons we have experienced. We feel our tuition is worth every penny!! You are an amazing teacher.
--Dorena D., mother of two young students, ages 8 and 10

Here is a picture of [my daughter] as Annie Oakley for a school presentation.  Everyone at school, teachers and parents, comments on her presentation skills.  We give attributes to you all the time!  
--Nicole K., mother of a student who studied with us from ages 6-9, before moving out-of-state

The day after a 7-year-old's first lesson:
[My daughter] has been tinkering on the keyboard all morning, completely unprovoked, had her Frozen soundtrack playing to try and mimic the songs, and we've listened to the Suzuki disc 1 yesterday and today.  We are in love!
Update 6 months later:
For her 8th birthday party tomorrow, she requested a cake decorated like a piano with an octave from A to A with the appropriate letter candles! My heart is bursting!!!
Update 3 years later:

My daughter began studying piano with Suzanne at age 7 and is now starting her fourth year. Suzanne is so enthusiastic and energetic in her work that it's easy to want to learn! She's taught my daughter to not only play piano, but also to understand music theory concepts usually not introduced until much, much later. Suzanne hosts a weekly Recital Class for the students where they work on their public speaking and live performance skills, to which my daughter recently attributed her confidence and success in a local, amateur theater production. Group lessons grow friendships in a fun and informal hour where we play games to learn. Suzanne has an uncanny ability to recognize students' individual learning styles and to adjust her instruction accordingly with unwavering enthusiasm and consistent positive reinforcement. Suzanne is critical of and chooses the best teaching supplements like note-speller books, theory books, even engaging composer coloring pages. My daughter always has something she can work on even if she's not at a piano. Suzanne is involved with the local PA piano teachers association who host Music Festivals at area colleges and the Piano Extravaganza at The Forum in Harrisburg! We get so much more than a weekly piano lesson at this school, and we are truly blessed to have found this marvelous teacher!
--Renee W., mother of a young student.  This was part of a 5-star review she posted on Google Places and Lessons.com.  Thank you, Renee!

Haven't been up this way in a long time. But we spent some quality piano time here years back! Your patience, knowledge and kindness will last her a lifetime.
--Rachele G., mother of a student who studied with us several years ago, when we lived in Scranton, PA.  She took this picture and wrote her sweet note, and sent them to us 7 years after we had moved!