“First there is the love of the child. Second, the love of teaching the child. And third, the love of the music being taught to the child. But the child always comes first.” Dr. Suzuki

Lessons are customized to the learning needs of the individual student, and are designed to teach the whole student.  All lessons use proprietary materials and techniques, especially lessons for beginners.  Students are taught in a way that moves them into intermediate and advanced repertoire quickly and confidently.

Course Offerings

Our program of lessons, classes, and recitals is designed to develop presentation and social skills as well as musical ability.  These presentation and social skills are important for future success in any field that requires performances in front of peers, including business presentations, board meetings, teaching presentations, and speaking engagements.

  • Regular Lessons for ages 5 and up, including adults.  
    This is the Primary through Advanced Program.  Each week, students attend an hour-long private lesson, plus a weekly group lesson, which is called the Group Class

    The Group Classes are group lessons that build on and reinforce what is being learned in the private lessons.  Just as importantly, the Group Classes teach social and presentation skills in an informal recital setting. 

    In addition to the weekly informal recital at the group lesson, students also participate in a Composers' Recital in the fall, and a Formal Recital in the spring.  Throughout the year, performance opportunities may be arranged at nursing homes and to benefit charities. 

    Students in the Primary through Advanced Program learn piano or voice performance, ergonomic playing and singing technique, how to play by ear, how to sing while playing the piano, chord theory, general music theory, and music-dictation and composition skills.  All theory teaching is done "hands-on," not just with books.  

    Furthermore, a guided Composition Project in the spring helps each student create an original composition from scratch.  The students play their compositions at an exciting Composers' Recital in the fall.

  • Preschool Lessons, for ages 2-5, combine private piano and voice instruction with general music education, to give the child a head start in music and academics.  The 60-minute lessons actively engage both the parents and their preschool children.  As the child matures, the lessons gradually evolve for the child's growing understanding and attention span.  This way, the early lessons flow seamlessly into regular lessons as the child advances.

    This all-in-one course is perfect for the family that hopes to encourage life-long piano skills and become a musical family.  Preschool children learn just as well in groups as individually, so friends and siblings can join together to form a group, if desired.  One fee for the whole family makes lessons economical. 

    The students and family attend the weekly group lessons with the older students.  (See above.)  Accommodations are made to ensure that preschool students can participate also.

  • Homeschool Classes:  These courses satisfy state requirements for general music education.  They are available for Co-Ops, Groups, and Families.
    • "Introduction to Music" teaches music reading, singing skills, music theory, and music composition.  
    • "Introduction to Music History" teaches about music throughout the eras, examining also the context in which the music was developed; this context includes events on the historical timeline and related developments in art, literature, and dance.   
  • Music Therapy - Adapted Piano Lessons are available for those students who need them.  Please email the instructor for more information.

  • Senior Music Society for those age 55 and over, of all levels.  Refreshments are served during these relaxing, social piano and voice sessions.  Beginners are welcome.  Private Lessons for Adult Beginners are also available.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition Payment Options

  • Annual payment:  A discount is offered.
  • Monthly installment payments:  There are no finance charges for monthly installment payments.  However, no discount is offered, and there is a once-a-year accounting fee of approximately $30. 

Note about Partial-Term Enrollments:  Lessons for students enrolling mid-year, and any lessons offered in 8-week sessions, may follow a different tuition schedule. 

Further information about tuition costs and policies may be obtained by emailing the instructor.