“First there is the love of the child. Second, the love of teaching the child. And third, the love of the music being taught to the child. But the child always comes first.” Dr. Suzuki

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Piano & Voice School

European-Style Suzuki Music Lessons
Reading Music  +  Playing by Ear  +  Writing Music

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Positive encouragement, for all learning styles,
is the hallmark of this music school.


Teaching Age 1 & Up, 
Beginner to Advanced
♫  Adult Beginners Welcome  ♫

Unique Formula Ensures Success:

   Whole-Child Teaching
   Montessori-Style Tools

   Solid Skills in  Reading Music,
          Listening, & Writing Music

   Comfortable, Natural Hands
          & Playing Technique
   Healthy Singing Voice

Socialization Emphasis 
   More Fun and Faster Learning!

Two (2) Lessons per Week:  Private, Individual Lesson  +  Group Lesson

  • Private, Individual Lesson Lessons are custom-tailored for each student.  During the Fall Semester, students of all levels work with the teacher on Composition Projects, using Noteflight.com.

    • ​Lessons for most students are 60 minutes.

    • Lessons for preschool students start at 30 minutes, and gradually lengthen to 60 minutes.

  • Group Lesson Students develop performance confidence, discuss music, and learn to show appreciation and support for each other's efforts.  This is the favorite lesson of many of the students.  They practice more, because they look forward to playing for their friends each week!

Thorough and Comprehensive Program


  • Ergonomic, Pain-Free Playing Technique is taught to all students, to prevent repetitive stress injury, trigger thumb, and carpal tunnel injury.  In addition, remedial technique training is available to pianists and teachers who are recovering from injuries.

  • Reading Music is taught with both letters and scale degrees (solfege) for secure understanding.

  • Our teaching style involves the parents.  Parents sit in on and are included in the lessons.

  • Piano Lessons based on Music Therapy techniques are available for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger Syndrome, ADHD, and Stroke.

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Member, Suzuki Piano Basics Foundation

Member, Artistry Alliance Advisory Board

Member, Music Teachers National Association

Member, Pennsylvania Music Teachers Association

Board Member, Program Chair, and Festival Committee Member, Capital Area Chapter of the PMTA


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