Dear Parents and Students,

            As many of you know, my husband has been assigned to a pastorship San Angelo, Texas.  This summer, we will be moving there.

            Several students have asked about continuing lessons until we move, and I am happy to say that we will still have our lessons through the end of May.  We will also be able to complete our June 3 recital as planned.

            While I am excited about the move, because it will bring us closer to family, I am very sad that this is my last semester to be your teacher.  You all have done so well, grown so much:  I feel like a gardener who has been blessed with rich soil and vibrant plants.  Thank you! 

            It will not be easy to leave this beautiful garden! Even so, I have searched for other good gardeners to tend it.  At our last lessons, I will talk with each of you about which teachers I recommend for helping you to continue growing in piano and voice.

            For my non-beginner students, I do have one other option available.  If the student is already at the point where I usually play on the second piano during lessons, then we could continue lessons via Skype or FaceTime after I move.  If this interests you, please ask me during our lesson time, and I will tell you whether I think your student is ready for it.

            Thank you again for letting me be your music teacher.  Each one of you, parents and students, will stay in my memory, and I will cherish the photos, cards, and drawings you have given me over the years.  Whenever you are in Texas, please plan to stop in and say hello.  Yes, I will give you my new address!  And please keep me posted on your lives.  One of my greatest joys will be to see my students as time passes.  Keep singing and playing piano forever!  God bless you all!

                                                                                                                              Mrs. Lichtenstein