• A Suzuki Parent's Diary: Or How I Survived My First 10,000 Twinkles : An encouraging and motivating look at being a Suzuki parent
  • Artistry at the Piano : An overview of this excellent curriculum for all ages
  • Balance Makes Piano Fun : Surprise! Posture is what makes piano playing fun and comfortable. See these "Before" and "After" photos.
  • Best Xylophones for Home Use : All students benefit from having a xylophone at home for cross-training. Applying what we are learning on one instrument, over to another instrument, helps us learn our music more quickly and thoroughly. Note: For new students who do not have a piano yet, a xylophone is better than an electric piano for practicing. Xylophones produce their own tones, instead of using recorded sounds and speakers. Live, real tones (not electric ones) are necessary for proper ear-training.
  • How to Choose a Piano to Buy or Rent
  • Middle School Music and Theater Students Get Better Grades : This is significant. This is a decade-long, rigorously-designed study following 30,000 low-income students in Florida. This is the first rigorous scientific study of the subject.
  • Our Piano School's Facebook Page : "Like" our page to read interesting Articles, see Photos, and view Videos of excellent pianists using the European technique we teach.
  • Suzuki Piano Basics Foundation : This is the style of Suzuki piano teaching we follow in the Lichtenstein Piano School. It is a European method, focusing on relaxed hands with no repetitive stress injuries. In this style, we emphasize reading music, music theory, and beautiful tone production, along with the highly effective ear training for which Suzuki is famous.
  • That Helps! : "How-To" articles for parents, from the Suzuki Association of the Americas